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Apex Denture Clinic: Denturist Services in Saint John

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Confident and Comfortable Fit/Same-Day Repairs in Our Clinic

Be able to speak, laugh, smile and eat naturally and confidently without the worry and pain of broken, decayed or missing teeth. Your denturist at Apex Denture Clinic is here to help you choose the option right for your dental needs. We offer free consultations. From wear and tear, breaks or chips, your dentures may need repairs. The Apex professionals can perform most repairs either while you wait or the same day. Please call for an appointment or visit our office in Saint John.


Complete Dentures

After your free consultation, your full dentures begin with an initial impression of your mouth for a comfortable personalized fit to your oral tissues, bite, jaw movements and facial muscles. Complete dentures totally replace your teeth to renew your smile and confidence, and the denturists of Apex Denture Clinic take great care to restore a natural and more youthful appearance. Our complete services take you through the process of:

  • Impression of Your Mouth
  • Custom Manufacture of Your Dentures
  • Fitting and Adjustments
  • Aftercare

Partial Dentures

You may need partial dentures to replace one or more missing teeth, and a partial can help your remaining natural teeth stay in place. You can remove your partial denture for cleaning and sleeping. Plus, the current partials are more comfortable with a choice of materials suited to the number and location of missing teeth you are replacing. The materials and characteristics include:

  • Acrylics for Temporary Tooth Replacement
  • Metal and Acrylic Combination for Permanent Partials
  • Metal Partial of Cobalt Alloy or Titanium
  • Flexible Thermoplastics
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Immediate Dentures

To avoid being without teeth while you wait for your gums to heal, you may choose immediate dentures that are ready to fit as soon as your oral surgeon completes extracting your remaining teeth. As your gums heal your tissues may recede a bit, but the licensed denturists at Apex help you through the process with:

  • Adjustments at Follow-Up Appointments
  • Temporary Liners during Healing Phases
  • New Full Denture or Reline as Healing Completes

Implants for Stable Denture Fit

Implants are artificial anchors that replace your natural tooth roots, which help hold your new partial or complete dentures. Consult with a denturist at Apex Denture Clinic about this affordable solution for a more stable and comfortable fit.

Relines and Rebase

When your gums change from weight loss, healing or other factors, Apex is ready to help with relines for better fit. Relines add new material to the tissue side of your dentures for more comfort and stability. If you need the pink base material of your dentures refit or replaced because of uneven wear, Apex Denture Clinic customizes rebase to stabilize your dentures.

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