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Apex Denture Clinic in Saint John Answers Your Denture Questions

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Dentures are an important step in taking care of your oral health. Wearing dentures can also help you preserve your overall health by enabling you to chew properly and avoid gum disease from decayed and worn teeth. Be comfortable and confident with good denture care. Here are some questions you may have before you see the denturists at Apex Denture Clinic in Saint John.


What does a denturist do that a dentist doesn’t?

When your dentist recommends you consider dentures, our denturists are responsible for custom moulding, manufacturing and adjusting your dentures. Your dentist performs the necessary extractions and oral surgery so you are ready to wear your new dentures.


What are implants, and what are their benefits?

For more stability and support for your facial structure, your dentist may give you implants – artificial tooth roots – that will hold your dentures in place more comfortably. Implants also help make chewing easier and reduce tissue shrinkage.


If I wear dentures, do I still need dental exams?

Yes, you want to make sure your gums are healthy and your dentures still fit correctly so Apex Denture Clinic recommends a yearly checkup with our licensed denturists. If you have inflammation of your gums, we can offer treatment to prevent shrinkage of your bones or gums.


How do I know when to replace my dentures?

Most dentures fit well and last for 5 years on average. Dentures that are too old – 10 years or more – or worn can change your facial features and chewing ability, even permanently. Make an appointment to see one of the licensed Apex denturists if your dentures:

  • Cause Discomfort
  • Make Chewing Difficult
  • Are Yellowed or Stained
  • Make Your Face Look Shrunken or Older
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